Whats a Dog's Scenting Ability?

The scenting ability of a dog is unike and spectacular when you understand exactly how easily they can distinguish 1 scent from hundreds and they have the ability to remember those scents. It is for that special ability that makes them great service dogs to police officer, DEA, and Search and Rescue organizations. Several breeds are known for their keen ability to smell and retrieve that has made them ideal for being service dogs.

The German Shepherd is but one breed that is popular with K9 corps. for their strengths in for his keen sense in developing for their specialties in scent hunting. The Bird dog is another dog that can detect odors that are airborne and are detected when the dog circles a wide area on the ground, while picking up trace amounts of the scent. Scent hounds include the Otterhound, Basenji, Dachshund, Beagle, and many others have the ability to sniff and track their prey and hold onto it for their owners that hunt to arrive for the final kill.

Even small dogs such as Daushounds were used in Germany for their sniff-ability to detect badger holes. Their short legs and small bodies made it easy for them to furrow out badger holes so they could get a hold of the badger and hold it until their owners could pull the Daushound out and remove the badger from their mouths in the 17th and 18th centuries. These cheap dog clothes and airline approved pet carriers are great for dog owners. Also check out this learn about healthy pets.

African barkless Basenjis use their keen sense of smell in tracking small game. The Beagle dog breed is known for its skill at picking up the scent of small rabbits and is a popular breed that is still used today by hunters. Otterhound dogs can sniff the odor of otters that are swimming, even when they are under water in a slow-moving stream. The otter’s odor particles rise to the surface of the water and are picked up by the Otterhound. Eskimo dogs can trace the location of a seal swimming underneath the ice.

How many times in various television shows and movies have we seen a St.Bernard being used to find stranded moutaineers or people trapped in blizzards or in cases of avalanches? The St.Bernard are good natured and impressive in size use their keen senses and have been relied upon for many decades to find lost hikers and skiers in places such as n the deep, icy snows of the 8,000 ft Mons Jovis Pass.

Even monks who still reside in such areas still keep St.Bernards in case a situation arises when their faithful dogs may be called for duty! These dogs work in pairs and use their fantastic noses in order to find the victim. Once a person is located, the dogs will dig away the snow until they reach the person. Then the St. Bernard dogs will lick at the face and arms in order to revive the individual. One of the dogs will immediately start barking in order to lead the rescuers to the location.

Many proponents of the St. Bernard make claims that the animal can smell a human being from as far as 1000 feet away. It has been said that if a wind is blowing in the dog’s favor, they can catch a scent from a mile away! Many people have been rescued by these loving and gentle giants.

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