What To Expect After A DePuy Hip Recall?

A Depuy hip implant recall happened in the third quarter of the year 2010. This has been known to affect around 93, 000 individuals with women as the largely affected. This recall happened because a lot of complaints were filed against it because it brought a lot of complications to its users. Upon closer inspection, these complications were caused by the implants defective state. Since this is affecting a lot of women, it would only be proper to know important information regarding this case.

Research has been set out to study these implants. The research has found out that these implants have significantly large failure rates compared to other models. Despite having the guarantee to last for fifteen years, it was giving user’s complications for only using it within five years. In order to avoid these complications, the affected person needs to undergo a second surgery. A great danger is being faced by a lot of women.

People who have hip implants that were manufactured from July 2003, they should quickly get a doctor’s advice especially if they are experiencing complications such as extreme hip pains. In this way, a doctor can make the necessary steps to ensure that you will not be put into more danger. What would you expect from your doctor when your recalled hip implant was from DePuy? You can expect a series of tests such as blood tests and radiological tests. The damages that brought about by the hip implants will be seen in these laboratory tests. If these tests showed negative results, the next procedure will be determined such as a hip revision surgery.

This situation is not a first time so people especially women should be thankful for the guidelines provided. If you want to file a lawsuit against DePuy,it is best you seek a lawyer after seeking medical advice.

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