Want Permanent Weight Loss? Start With These 4 Steps

Why was I dealing with those same 20 pounds again? I was furious when I realized what had happened. Not long ago I had followed a healthy weight loss plan and in 6 months lost 20 pounds, I felt good, I looked good. Then little by little, I let the bad habits come back and so did the weight. Before I knew it, I had gained 25 pounds. Ouch.

I know I am not the only one out there who has done this. I must have lost well over 100 pounds in my life time. But it has been those same 20 pounds over and over and over.

Finally I got fed up and decided to do something about it. I knew the best way to have permanent weight loss was to find a healthy weight loss diet plan I could live with.

It doesn’t matter what new diet or exercise program you use, losing weight comes down to this: take in less calories than what you are burning. Simple.

Yet we make it so hard. So here are four steps that can get you on the right path to permanent weight loss:

1. Start with what is coming in. What are you eating? When are you eating it? Are you getting your fruits and vegetables in. Now don’t lie, ketchup is not a vegetable and French fries do not count. You should be having 4-5 servings of each a day. Think about that. If you truly ate 4-5 servings a day of fruits and vegetables, you would be less likely to have the room in your stomach for all those foods that make you gain weight.

2. Drop some bad habits. Get rid of that soda pop, even if it’s diet pop. Stop that evening snack. Avoid all burger joints. Whatever your vice, choose at least one and give it up. Resolve that you will give this item up for 21 days. Then choose something else to give up and add to the list.

3. More water, please. It’s hard to start out one day and begin drinking 8 glasses of water. So work your way up. Keep adding more and more until you can build up to 8 glasses a day. Add ice to the water so your body has to work harder to process it and burn more calories. Once you get in the habit of consuming a lot of water, you will find yourself craving the water. The water will also fill up your stomach so you will feel full sooner.

4. Take a walk! Walking is free. Walking is fun. Get out there and walk. Start with 15 minutes and increase a little each day. Get it up to 30-45 minutes. Once you get in the habit you will find a way to make it happen no matter where you are. At work? Spend 20-30 minutes at lunch walking. At your child’s athletic tournament all day? Take a break between games and walk around the building. There is no excuse.

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