Top Three Ways To Get Whiter Teeth

Are you presently self-conscious by your smile due to discolored teeth? There are many ways you can have a whiter smile.

A set of clean and white teeth looks attractive but not all of us possesses lovely white teeth. There are many who have teeth which are slightly off white or yellowish in color. Of course, there can also be a good number of factors that cause tooth discoloration and yellow teeth, such as caffeine intake and cigarette smoking. Let’s check out some top ways on how to make your teeth whiter.

1. Natural Teeth Whitening Remedies

Baking soda works as a cleansing and bleaching agent on teeth. To use it for teeth whitening, simply just mix two teaspoons of baking soda with your regular toothpaste. Another method is to combine the same amount of baking soda together with half tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to create a paste – use the mixture just as if it were toothpaste and leave it on for two minutes. Using this method is cheap, although the process of teeth bleaching might take longer.

Should you wish to see results much faster, use 15ml of hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash and rinse it off with water. Doing this every day for a week could significantly strip away tooth stains to make it noticeably whiter.

An even more natural means of whitening your teeth is eating strawberries! As surprising as it may seem, individuals who regularly eat strawberries have whiter teeth than those who do not. Mash several strawberries in a bowl and brush your teeth with the mash. What is best about this method is that it tastes good and the mash can be ingested after.

An additional effective way of whitening your teeth is to brush them every night with apple cider vinegar. This is a safe and low cost method.

2. At Home Teeth Bleaching Kits

If you do not have time to create any of the above home remedies, or if you want more convenience, then you can get a home teeth whitening kit. There are various types of teeth whitening kits available such as whitening toothpaste or the more popular ones, teeth whitening strips. These types of kits are cost-effective and easy to apply at home, although you must always read the instructions before use to prevent tooth sensitivity.

3. Clinical Teeth Whitening Procedure

Removing intrinsic and extrinsic stains on your teeth is often a lengthy process that may or may not guarantee visible improvements with the use of natural remedies or even a home teeth whitening kit. A proven way for getting a whiter smile is to visit a dentist and seek professional advice to get a treatment done. There are several clinical teeth whitening procedures. A dental practitioner can help you get whiter teeth by applying more powerful gels. Laser teeth whitening is highly recommended for persistent stains. Even though clinical teeth whitening treatments are deemed to be the most effective, there are a certain amount of risk, which usually your dentist will inform you about. Visiting the dentist may also be costly, dependent on what kind of treatment you require. Clinical treatments are usually not recommended for those with sensitive teeth.

With so many teeth whitening alternatives available, there is always one to suit your needs and budget.

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