Tips For Looking Your Best This Winter

Most of us will spend more time together during the winter months. Indoor functions are usually all that most of us will do when the weather is particularly cold outside. And as we get nearer to the holiday season, there will be plenty of parties to attend so putting extra time and effort into our makeup is quite common.

The tips below should help you if you are hoping to look your best during this winter

When it comes to the foundation that you use during the winter months, you might be better off with powder. Fluctuating temperatures as you leave the indoors to go outside is the main reason for this. Powder foundation has a much better reputation at being able to handle these changes in temperature. It is better to stay away from liquid foundation when it is really cold outside.

When it comes to lipstick during the winter, you should avoid lip gloss and instead use a lipstick that contains beeswax. That way you will have a wet look that will last in the extreme weather conditions.

Make sure that all your makeup items are waterproof.

If the weather is very cold then cream blushers should be avoided.

It is very important to take care of your skin during the winter months. Using plenty of moisturiser every day is essential because the cold winds will make it quite blotchy. Your skin will continue to look really fresh if you use a daily skin routine. And it will help if you use a skin exfoliator once every week.

While most of us are unaware of this, applying sun cream during the winter is a really good move. The sun is still out during the winter causing damage to your skin even if it does not feel that strong. You are bound to suffer less with wrinkles if you use sun cream every day.

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