The Paralyzing Destruction Stress Has On Every Day Lives

As I became older, starting in my early 40s, I commenced looking more into my health and ways to maintain it. It seems the more I looked around and read, the more it was obvious that what we call stress is at the roots of the majority of emotional and physical issues. Some medical experts even reference it as the human killer as it has such negative effects on us from the cellular level to brain chemistry, immune response function and more . Thus I decided the first step I’d take in my journey to increase my overall healthy would be stress management And not to my continuing surprise it has delivered benefits.

What we call stress is a natural and automatic response that is primal which allowed us to either run from danger or fight. This is sometimes known as the fight or flight syndrome. But when we were in peril or a life-endangering situation and our adrenaline rose, the hormone cortisol was released and our bodies went into hyper active mode, it might go down and we went back to normal. Meanwhile, there weren’t so many other things in life that blitzed us to have a stress reaction so we remained fairly healthy. Or at the very least stress wasn’t the key contributing element to poor health.

But consider how so many folk, actually the majority, live these days. They get stressed over stressing about their roles, their partner or partner. People get stressed over the economy or small stuff like where to go on vacation or what to do IF something occurs or someone announces something. Folks are not only consumed with stress over actual experiences but they get stressed over things they create in their minds that can never happen. And remember, every time we get stressed, the automatic physical response occurs and the issue is we do not exert that energy and go back to normal function and it is occuring too frequently so the body then suffers.

That hormone called cortisol that’s released during the stress response breaks down our immune mechanism, feeds the malignancy cells we have in our bodies and maintains fat as the fat is what’s protecting organs and other parts of the body to be mistreated. Wow, what a treble whammy that is and its all only one negative issue related to stress. Add to that the emotional strain that’s got a negative effect on our bodies for destructive feelings impact us at the cellular level. And it just gets worse as it is going on and on and on.

The really chilled thing is that its fairly straightforward to begin to make changes, little changes, that will lend themselves to reducing stress. Even stuff like changing your environment at home or at work with relaxing colours, nice relaxing photos and anything else that causes you to feel good. What we hear eg the music we hear or what we watch on The telly has an impact on our stress levels too. And then look at the folks you are around. We can opt to stop being around individuals that are negative and pessimistic and watch those levels of stress drop and your good feelings rise.

Crizza Reyes writes for on health, the family and women’s issues. For more information about stress management, please visit her website.

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