Take Care Of Your Skin With All-Natural Skincare Treatments

When products from large cosmetic companies become popular, it usually is not because they offer the healthiest option. In reality, long term damage is generally what you receive when using these popular products. That’s why a lot of people are turning to buying or making all natural skin care products, but natural skin care recipes do have both good and bad sides.

Make It

Making your own skin care products may not always be an option. Indeed, there are plenty of home recipes that you can try. However, there are some natural ingredients that are harder to come by and may need to be bought online or from a specialty shop. Finding these ingredients might be hard but you will also notice that they will not be cheap. Home therapies using products like the Timepeel can be beneficial for you. Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective method to get free of old skin debris and encourage new growth.

Natural Products to Make

One of the things that you can make on your own is a good skin moisturizer. Simply rub olive oil and your skin and you have a perfect moisturizer. After all, oil is the key component in most moisturizers and olive oil is a cheap and chemical-free substitute. In fact, many places and groups, including the European Union, actually have bans on chemical-filled moisturizers.

It’s also possible to make your own facial mixture. All you need is a couple of egg yolks and some honey. After a quick mix, spread the mask on your face and leave it for twenty minutes. It should help to tighten up your pores. Just be careful to only use the yolks, not the whites.

Common Problems With Simple Solutions

Some common household products actually act as extremely easy fixes for some very common issues. For example, a lot of commercially made deodorants are absolutely full of harsh chemicals. Instead of using a harsh deodorant, mix up some vinegar and water and use that. When you first try it, you may not like the smell; however, you should keep in mind that the smell will go away very quickly. Also remember that vinegar has anti bacterial properties and eliminates odors. Plus, it’s much healthier than commercial deodorants.

Also, baking soda makes an excellent exfoliating scrub. Chances are good that you already have it in your home. Concentrate the baking soda on areas that are prone to break outs or areas that are starting to show signs of it. Simply use it in the shower or bath and your problem could be solved.

Collagen Improvement Should Not Be Expected

Your body uses collagen to keep your skin cells packed tightly and to retain the smoothness and stretchiness. Along with elastin, it helps to hold your entire body together. Aging is often associated with a loss of collagen and as a result, many skin problems occur.

Although the natural skin care recipes above do work, they won’t actually help your body to make more elastin or collagen. If you need to stimulate elastin and collagen production and minimize the signs of aging, then you must rely on anti-aging skin care products. However, the solutions listed above will be excellent for anyone who just needs to perform a bit of maintenance on their skin.

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