Stretch Mark Scars – Can You Really Eliminate Them?

Common times when stretch marks occur include pregnancy or weight gain. Although they are a natural process, many women, nonetheless, see them as less than desirable, and numerous products on the market are hailed as being cures for stretch marks. The problem with having so many products available to try is that there is no way to know if they work. One choice you can check out is Skinderma Pro reviews since it has received a great deal of attention recently. The question we want to get at is what do we do about unwanted stretch marks?

When it comes to pregnancy, research has shown that applying moisturizer regularly will lessen the chance of stretch marks appearing. Elasticity is what moisturized skin gains. Without elasticity during times of growth, stretch marks will certainly appear and when the skin is moisturized, stretch marks will be far less likely. During a woman’s pregnancy, her breasts, buttocks and stomach will certainly grow. Therefore, those areas should be moisturized several times a day with a shea or cocoa butter lotion. Reducing the appearance of stretch marks will be easiest when they are caught early. So if any start to appear, make sure to give that area extra attention with plenty of lotion.

To the extreme disappointment of many women, stretch marks that have already occurred cannot be removed. Instead, all we can do practice prevention and minimization techniques. Even as a best case scenario, the most we can do is reduce the appearance of stretch marks; however, most times they will still be visible.

It is possible that the diet you eat may affect your likelihood of developing stretch marks. This is an area that badly needs further research, but it may be the case that a healthy, balanced diet, one that includes plenty of moisture-rich foods, may lower your chances of developing stretch marks. Since eating a healthy diet has so many other benefits, there is no reason not to try it for the sake of minimizing stretch marks.

When choosing stretch mark products to purchase, it can be hard to pick out the right one since there are so many options available. Since so few of these products actually work, you should spend some time researching them before you waste any money. For a great base of information, take a look at this particular stretch mark cream post. One ingredient that you want to look for is glycolic acid, which seems to increase your body’s production of collagen. In addition to glycolic acid, you should also look for the presence of Vitamin C. Together, these two ingredients will help reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.

For people who just cannot stand the appearance of their stretch marks, laser treatment may be an option. Laser treatments are actually very effective at reducing stretch mark appearance; however, they can be very costly.

When it comes to dealing with stretch marks there are plenty of steps you can take toward minimizing their appearance and you can also reduce your likelihood of developing more. However, always keep in mind that there is not currently a magic cure that will make them go away entirely.

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