Shaving Vagina: Shaving Recommendations You Might Want To Find Out

A lot of women are considering shaving vagina nowadays. There are however a lot of individuals that might not like the idea of a shaved vagina. This is because shaving can cause irritations. Shaving the pubic hair can open up pores which can be an entry point for bacteria. The very purpose why we have pubic hairs is so that we can have more protection in our privates from bacteria or virus invaders. Not to worry, with our constant advancement, we have found a solution to protect our private areas even if we shave it.

It is best to use a shaving cream first to lubricate the area before you do shaving vagina. A well lubricated are will ensure easy hair removal. As for women with pubic hairs that are long, trimming it first before shaving is ideal because if you directly shave it tendency is that it may pluck the hair instead of shaving it, leaving a bleeding pore open to infections. These open pores can become a potential entry point for bacteria. Furthermore, it can cause skin irritation that might spread throughout your legs.

Before you do the shaving, you have to locate an area where you have to do it first. The most appropriate area is the bathroom, specifically in the toilet seat. When you shave, start from downwards then proceed upwards. Remember to not use too much pressure because otherwise, it can cause irritation. Then, after removing all the undesired hair, clean your vagina using warm water. This is so that you can effectively remove any lubricant that you have used prior to shaving. Wash it again the second time using cold water to close the pores. Remember that this is the most sensitive area of your body, so be extra careful when you shave.

Shaving vagina has its benefits. It can make you look and feel more appealing to others. It will boost your self-esteem greatly. Furthermore, it can also contribute to enhancing sexual pleasure. Women that have shaved vaginas can wear their bikinis with pride. Protruding hair in a bikini is definitely undesirable to look at.

In shaving vagina, do not use waxing. This method is too intense for your delicate private area so this can also cause intense irritation. Remember to use shaving cream so as to lubricate the area for easy shaving and removal of hair. Use a feminine wash so as to prevent any bacteria to have access inside your vagina.

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