Reasons Why So Many Celebs Are Being Seen In Fitflops Fitness Shoes?

A lot of celebrities have been seen wearing Fitflops toning shoes recently. Chelsea Clinton, Julianne Moore and even Jennifer Lopez have been seen in them. Actually, J. Lo even blogged about them. So why are Fitflops so appealling?

The sole of Fitflops incorporates something which they have dubbed “microwobbleboard” technology which reproduces the sensation of walking barefoot on soft ground and stimulates the lower body muscles. Walking whilst wearing Fitflops will cause your bottom muscles to be active for 30% longer, your quadriceps for 19% longer and your hamstrings for 16% longer. There is also an extra 22% shock absorption when compared to conventional shoes.

Wearing Fitflops can reduce the impact exerted on your joints whilst walking. It can also assist in reducing underfoot pressure on the heel and toe – which helps to relieve discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. But the big benefit for most users is the fact that the extra work carried out by the lower body muscles whilst walking in Fitflops will help to tone your legs and trim your butt.

It’s easy to see how they would appeal to any busy woman – not just celebrities. If you don’t have time to get to the gym, then spending the day walking around in Fitflops can help you to stay in shape.

One more reason why Fitflops are so popular is the fact that they are extremely stylish and colourful. They don’t look anything like fitness shoes. They started life as a range of flip flop style sandals, but other styles were added in response to customer demand. Winter boots, clogs and slippers were added – a very sensible move – after all, sandals are hardly ideal for winter wear! Sneakers are the newest addition to Fitflops range – and once again they are very colourful (how do you like the sound of platinum sneakers?) and very chic. They seem likely to be a popular choice this season.

Fitflops are certainly not the only toning shoes that you can find on the market. Masai Barefoot Technology, Reebok Easy Tones and Skechers Shape Ups are just a few of the other brands competing. However, most of these lack the fashion appeal of Fitflops – and they cost more too. You could, quite realistically, opt for a pair of Fitflops when you next feel like treating yourself to a new pair of shoes. Any benefits you get in terms of toning and trimming could just be regarded as a (very nice) bonus.

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