PMS: Things That Cause It

Most women suffer from PMS (premenstrual syndrome). To be more precise, according to different researches from 70% to 90% know what it is like to be a slave of their own hormones. PMS is a condition that occurs somewhere in the middle of the menstrual cycle and lasts up to a week. It is characterized with increased moodiness, nervous breakdowns, motiveless tearfulness, bad sleep, change in eating habits, sometimes pains and overall bad feeling. In some cases PMS, if combined with a prolonged depression, results in suicide.

Most women complain about suffering from PMS and being unable to do anything about it. They think that it is some uncontrollable and unpreventable disease, but the fact they don’t realise is that among the factors which influence PMS passing are factors which can be easily regulated and changed by the women themselves. Some women are more prone to suffer from bad PMS symptoms, some are less prone to it, but they all are able to do a lot in order to relieve their condition.

If you are one of those who like having problems in order to have something to complain about, the set forth below is not for you. But if you are ready to take the situation under control and eliminate the symptoms of PMS, I suggest that you read about some causes of PMS, which can give you the understanding of many things that are going on in your body:

• Bad eating habits. Have you ever heard a saying stating that we are what we eat? If you eat a lot of processed food, fast foods, saturated fat-, trans fat- and caffeine-containing foods; little fiber, fresh fruit and vegetables, you are in a big trouble. The foregoing foods, which are known as unhealthy foods, greatly contribute to worsening of all the systems in your organism, so it is no wonder that your organism has no power to fight with your PMS.

• Apart from wrong foods, you might also have some digestive disorders. It is necessary to cure them, because even if your eating habits are normal, a weak digestive system fails to digest them correctly and to provide nutrition to your body in a right way.

• Liver disorders are often the cause of PMS. Your liver regulates the level of estrogen by producing necessary amounts of cholesterol, and if your liver is sluggish at some point of the menstrual cycle, it fails to perform this function and it results in an overall hormonal imbalance.

• Hormonal imbalance. The balance of hormones in your organism is defined by plenty of factors. Some of them can’t be regulated, but many of them, like the foregoing ones, can be influenced by you. If you keep to healthier lifestyle, you will instantly feel that your body is becoming more refreshed, all the processes in it will be gradually regulated, and soon you will be able to forget about all those symptoms of PMS.

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