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John McCain

McCain was against state financing of public health services, general public health services, or mandates of coverage health services. Instead of preference of tax credits for the sum to $5000 for families receive of the medical insurance. His plan is concentrated on competition development in sphere of public health services of the industry as a way of decrease in expenses. In this connection, medical insurance national would allow citizens to get McCain’s plan, instead of to limit them in a company condition, and to buy the insurance through any the organizations or associations, they choose, and also through the employers or purchase is direct from the insurance company. In October, 2007 the Statement, McCain has told: “In public health services, we trust in strengthening of freedom of persons on reception of the necessary and desired help. We do not trust in compulsion and use of the government for the help mandate, coverage and expenses”.

On April 29th 2008, McCain detailed his plan in the field of public health services within the limits of his election campaign on a post of the president. His plan is concentrated on an open market competition, instead of state financing and the control. In the centre of its plan of tax credits: $2500 for private persons and $5000 for families which do not agree or have no access to health services through the employer. He says that money can be used for acquisition of insurance and the insurance companies of force should be competitive with their expenses with a view of attraction of consumers. McCain will pay tax credits for liquidation of tax privileges now offer employers on maintenance of medical insurance with employees. To the critic McCain’s health on leaving is published in the plan concerning public health services predicted that losses of tax privileges would lead to the enterprises to refuse 20 million people from-employer authors’ coverage while the separate insurance market will grow on 21 million persons. To help people by whom it has been refused the coverage by the insurance companies in connection with earlier existing to conditions, McCain has suggested working with the states to create that he named “the guaranteed access of the plan”. It does not contain details, but has specified on such states, as Florida and Northern Carolina, where such systems on a place. His plan is in the field of public health services, according to estimations, annual expenses at a rate of 7 billions, McCain-politician’s health of experts agrees. Its campaign recognized that a state of health of the plan which he would state effect from increases in tax payments for some workers, first of all with high incomes and expensive plans of medical insurance.

In this era knowledge is becoming more and more important, especially when it is about making an important choice like choosing health insurance.

It is not wise to choose any sort of health plans, before you have researched the topic seriously. On this health insurance blog we are proud to give the advantages and disadvantages of health insurance and other plans, so that you gets a real chance to make a choice of its own.

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