Methods To Eliminate Stretch Marks on Hips

It’s difficult, but not impossible, to get rid stretch marks on the hips. Stretch marks, or medically known as striae are areas of the skin that have been stretched as a consequence of quick weight loss or rapid weight gain. The skin is essentially like a piece of elastin and once stretch past the point of elasticity, it loses its form. Hence, a sort of scar tissue appearance takes over that section that has been created underneath the top skin layer.

Being pregnant and growth spurts during adolescence are major causes of stretch marks simply because the body transforms so quickly at these times. There are home remedies to reduce the appearance of, or to get rid of, stretch marks. The most basic of these is to massage the affected part with Vitamin E essential oil, or simply applying grape seed oil or essential olive oil may also help diminish their appearance.

Another option to get rid of striae on hips is stretch mark cream. These types of creams and lotions can help if the stretch marks in question are not very deep, but for the most part, they help increase collagen production and in addition improve the elastin of the skin to aid in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks.

One particular treatment which has been shown to work is the prescription cream Tretinoin. This is often prescribed by a dermatologist. Tretinoin will take three to six months to show results, nevertheless it really does work. The cream has to be applied once daily to show these results, and one must stick with it. However mothers-to-be should really consult with a doctor prior to applying Tretinoin.

Laser treatment sessions, has also recently been proven to work. Unfortunately, such treatments are often very expensive. They can cost from around $400 to over $1500 per treatment session. Again, depending on the degree of the stretch marks, it may take up to 6 or maybe more sessions to get rid of the unattractive scars.

Aside from that, applying self-tanners, bronzers or cosmetics concealer can cover up and hide stretch marks.

To prevent stretch marks from recurring or to keep them from showing up in the first place, one need to keep the skin moisturized. Twice a day applications would be best. Choose lotions similar to Bella B Tummy Honey Butter with added vitamins and antioxidants that will keep the skin healthy and nourished. This will allow it to stretch with change, yet without the scar tissue.

No matter what one decides, there are therapies out there that will help to get rid of stretch marks on the hips and legs. Experimenting with at home remedies is a good start, but laser treatments may possibly be necessary for stretch marks that are more serious.

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