Look Great During Pregnancy Using Exercise Videos

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, but it is also one of the most stressful therefore it is critical that while pregnant you take time to stay fit – and many women are doing this through exercise videos. Home workouts just make sense when you look at the dynamics of a pregnancy. And on top of that, as you progress in your pregnancy, you can vary the routines to fit your ever changing body.

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When planning your workout routine, the first thing you must do is to check with your doctor and make sure that exercise is ok for you. Most doctors want there patients to exercise while pregnant but many may have specific suggestions to how hard you workout or what you do, so it is critical before to talk to your doctor about exercise throughout your entire pregnancy. But in general, most agree that if you were exercising before you were pregnant that you can continue the same program for at least the first trimester.

The first thing you may need to change in your workout plan is how you tone your abdominal area. Most doctors will agree that while pregnant women should train their abdominal area, they should avoid doing so while on their back. Pelvic tilts, while on all fours, is a great alternative to standard crunches while pregnant. Start on a mat or towel and place your hands under the shoulders and your knees under the hips and inhale as you squeeze your abs and hold tightened stomach area for around five seconds.

Since pregnancy is a consistently changing state, it is important to remember that what you could do one day, may make you uncomfortable or even sick the next. That is why workout videos are such a great option for pregnancy, do the workout when you have the most energy and when your body is up for a challenge.

Not only does a women experience extreme physical challenges during pregnancy, but sometimes the emotional roller coaster of hormonal changes can really stress a woman (and her husband) out. And since exercise has been called the “healthy feel-good” drug, doesn’t it make sense that moving your body will make you feel more in control of your ever changing body? Even if its just a short walk or a 20 minute exercise video, don’t you want to feel your best?

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