Learn Some Natural Anti-Aging Remedies

Everyone wants to look and feel as young as possible, for as long as possible. While there is no fountain of youth, there are still many natural and tried and true anti-aging remedies available that are easy to integrate into our hectic modern lives. Really, the only thing that stands between a person’s health and vitality is their dedication to preserving their youth and wellness.

Why turn to surgery which could have lackluster results when you can approach anti-aging naturally and achieve the same if not better outcomes? So, just what are the best natural anti-aging tips and tricks? Simply put, you can separate them into three piles: food, lifestyle and supplements.

Adopting The Anti-Aging Lifestyle

One of the best ways to ward of aging is to be active. High-impact exercises should be avoided as you age, however, so consider reducing the amount you run and swapping that activity out for something with a reduced injury risk like yoga.

Meditation is also great for stress reduction, relaxation and even aids with sleep, all of which can greatly impact how quickly you age. If you have never tried meditation, there are plenty of books, podcasts and audio recordings on the topic to instruct you.

Diet and Anti-Aging

It’s not going to come as a shock to you to read that the Western diet isn’t made for anti-aging. The best of the anti-aging foods are the leafy green veggies and fresh fruits that are filled with anti-oxidants. From wrinkles to cancer, free radicals are the things that cause them and the only way to get them out of the body is with anti-oxidants. It’s also a good idea to eat a lot of these foods raw, since cooking them can weaken or eliminate some of the essential nutrients you were looking to get from them.

Learn About Anti-Aging Supplements

Even a healthy diet doesn’t provide quite enough of the anti-aging nutrients we need to make a dent in the aging process. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to supplement and beef up those anti-aging essentials.

Just a short aside about supplements: all-natural, high quality supplements are key. Those you find in the supermarket just won’t cut it. Usually, health food stores and green grocers carry the ones you should take.

Beyond a great, natural, high-grade multi, you should supplement further with anti-aging nutrients like: DHEA, Acai, CoQ10, Lutein, Morinda Citrifolia (aka proxacine), Resveratrol and Acai. (If you’ve never heard of proxacine, maybe you have heard of the noni fruit. That anti-oxidant packed fruit is where proxacine originates).

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