Is There Need To Be Stressed Out About Hair Loss After Pregnancy?

Today you found a lot of hair in your sink, and you’ve noticed a few thin spots on your scalp. You panic. What is happening to your nice thick head of hair ? You aren’t taking any new medications, and you can’t think of anything that’s changed in your life during the last two weeks . So what on earth is happening ? There isn’t long to think about it, though, because in a short time , your newborn starts to cry. Aha! There’s the trouble . You’ve just gone through pregnancy, and the hormones that changed your whole body when you were pregnant are getting back to normal. Hair loss after pregnancy is typical.

Lucky for you, your hair loss will not be permanent. Over the next several months , the cycles your hair undergoes will gradually return to how they were pre-pregnancy. In an average day, you will have 50-100 hairs fall out so new hairs may start growing in. While being pregnant , hormones don’t allow this to occur . Following childbirth, as your hormones return to normal, your hair receives the message that presently there are many hairs which should have fallen out and didn’t. Therefore, you’ll shed these hairs within 2-3 months following pregnancy in order for your hair cycles to get back to normal . It can be alarming in the event you aren’t expecting it.

Eventually, your hair should get back to the way in which it used be, but you’ll need to hang in there while all of the new hairs are growing in. It can take several months of experiencing hairs of different lengths before you can actually have your perfect hairdo back . You may want to get your hair cut short so that it can all grow in together, augment your locks by using a fall, or purchase a wig to wear until such time as your hair returns to the way you would like it to look . A whole lot will depend on the amount of thinning hair you sustain and whether it is critical in your life and career to keep looking just like always.

The bottom line is, however, that if you’ve recently given birth and are also seeing hair fall out , there isn’t any reason to panic. It’s only your whole body reacting the way it was designed to , and the problem will be gone before you know it.

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