Intravenous Fosamax Has Quicker Side Effects Than Fosamax Tablets

In Tribune-Star, an article was published telling the story of a woman who suffered Osteonecrosis of the Jaw(ONJ), a condition wherein parts of the jaw bones die due to lack of blood flow, as a result of being intravenously injected two times with Fosamax. Her doctor gave her the IV Fosamax over a period of two years. Fortunately, her condition was remedied but only after several of her teeth were extracted. This shows that intravenous Fosamax has a greater and quicker side effect that Fosamax in tablet form. Hundreds of users of this drug are going through the motions of filing a Fosamax lawsuit in response to this.

When asked, Novartis, the maker of the drug injected to the woman in question, quickly dismissed any relationship between biphosphonate and ONJ, stating, “Based on best available scientific evidence, a causal relationship between osteonecrosis of the jaw and bisphosphonate therapy, or any individual therapy factor, has not been established.”

In most cases, Fosamax is prescribed by doctors in 5-70mg tablet form. This is a popular form of medication since it is easy to take the drug on your own. But what most people do not realize is that Fosamax’s active ingredient, alendronate sodium, is not easily absorbed by the body. In fact, about 99% of the drug is excreted through natural means and 0.6-0.7% of it is really absorbed. This is one of the reasons why doctors give IV Fosamax especially to patients who have serious degenerative bone problems.

We are only left to assume that when a person takes Fosamax intravenously, the effects, good or bad, are quicker than when he or she took an oral tablet. Medical experts have noticed trend in which Fosamax-related ONJ was caused by taking Intravenous Fosamax. This means that, as opposed to using oral Fosamax, you are more likely to experience ONJ when you have been injected by Fosamax. Not to mention that due to the slow absorption rate of oral Fosamax, doctors tend to over-prescribe the drug. If you believe you have been affected by the drug, you should discuss your legal options with a highly competent product liability lawyer. You could recover a fair amount in compensation from Merck. Updates on the current case are available when you check out the Fosamax fracture lawsuit information website.

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