Health Advantage Of Eating Prunes

Prunes are a cultivation of the plum species and are commonly sold as a dried fruit or prune juice. They are incredibly healthy for you, and provide a massive array of different health benefits no matter how you have decided to consume them. Prunes have an incredible ability to help with digestion and alleviate constipation. The small, delicious fruit is also bursting with flavor and nutrients and is popular with all ages.

There are many various reasons why folks chose to consume prune juice, and once you have tried it you will really like the taste. Prunes contain a large amount of potassium and iron that is helpful for your blood supply. The vitamin C and A that the prunes contain help to maintain healthy skin and hair, and the slow release glucose enables you to remain energetic all through the day.

The high dietary fiber content of the prunes and the natural laxative effect they have is perfect for your digestion. The fiber that the prunes contain is perfect as your body cannot digest it; therefore, the fiber stays in your colon where it helps to soften your stools. Prunes also consist of sorbitol which is a mild stimulant. This helps to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, cancer, constipation in babies and constipation in pregnancy a. All of which can cause huge problems, making you feel very unwel if left to get worse.

Research have proved that consuming dried prunes have proven to be able to help reverse the process of osteoporosis in older woman. By eating just 100 grams of dried prunes daily, it has been shown to enhance the overall bone formation of these women. These results are thought to be because of the trace elements of boron found in the prunes. These amazing fruits are incredibly high in antioxidants and have over twice the average amount in them.

If you are looking to slow down your aging process the prunes may be the ideal way, foods that are really high in anti-oxidants can help slow down the aging process. As the oxidation process happens within your cells, free radicals will be released. If these radicals are not eliminated from your body, they can damage your cells, which results in premature aging.

The prunes will help by neutralizing the radicals and vitamin A which is found in the prunes will promote the development of collagen. This collagen helps with the appearance of wrinkles and can make you look far younger. Anemia can also be helped by eating prunes due to the high levels of iron that can be found in them. This is a great natural way of helping with any reduction of hemoglobin that you may have.

With several excellent health benefits from eating prunes and drinking prune juice, there is no wonder that more people are taking the opportunity to try it. It is suitable for all ages, and even babies can drink diluted prune juice to assist with any digestion problems. Although the prunes are very good for you, they also taste great, and can be used in a variety of different meals.

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