HCG Injections: A Great Method to Drop Some Weight

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, commonly referred to as HCG, is a hormone generally produced by pregnant ladies. This hormone is released to the bloodstream as soon as fertilization occurs. Dr. A.T.W Simeons was the first physician to note the promising weight reduction effects of this hormone, while he was performing a study on pregnant ladies who had a limited-calorie diet. Having a background about how to intramuscular injection is a great help.

Within the study he conducted, Dr. Simeons asked the participants to eat a diet consisting of 500 calories. He also gave HCG injection therapy, in a dosage of 125mg. Following days of the diet and injection tandem, the outcomes yielded an astounding outcome: the participants were in a position to shed off an excellent quantity of weight.

Dr. Simeons believed that the HCG injection therapy worked by notifying the hypothalamus gland to function on the fats rather than the lean muscle, so more bodyweight is lost.

Sadly, his Hypothalamus theory continues to become unproven. That said, the Food & Drugs Administration required all companies of HCG supplements to carry a label which says that the hormone is not proven effective in weight reduction.

Even if the Dr. Simeons’ study on HCG injection therapy resulted in stunning benefits, most doctors advise that the weight reduction experienced by his patients were brought about by the 500 calorie diet rather than the HCG shots he has given. Following all, the HCG diet restricts you to definitely eat several proteins, vegetables, and fruits, but gives you the liberty to drink lots of coffee or tea that you could drink.

Though the HCG daunt passed on down, it made a comeback in 2007 when Kevin Trudeau endorsed HCG injections as an excellent method to slim down. Furthermore, the handbook “Weight Loss Guide” written and published that 1-2 pounds could be lost by a person each day if he adheres into the HCG diet principle. The advisable time for a HCG diet is 26-43 days. Dr. Simeons forbids dieters from exceeding the 43rd day mark.

The HCG diet starts of with the best part of the diet: the loading phase. Within the initial and second days of the diet, you can munch on any type of food you desire. This serves as the fuel for your calorie hunger that’ll occur in the next few days.

Afterwards, you are limited to eating meals with only 500 energy per day. At this point, you should take the HCG injection therapy as well. Stop the injections in the third towards the last day of the program, however you still need to go via with the low-calorie diet during that time.

HCG injects is often rendered within the upper thighs or the buttocks (intramuscular route.) It can also be injected on your tummy (subcutaneous route.) If you don’t like the sight of needles, then you can definitely attempt out sublingual HCG. All you just need to do is pop a pill under your tongue. You may also attempt out HCG drops, which you can incorporate into your favorite beverage.

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