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Our health and our life are in our hands. If we don’t change our behavior concerning our choice of better food products or being more physically active person, nobody can change this even the president or congress can not make it better, except of us. Our present nation is that of interference after getting ill and treating different illnesses, rather than a nation of avoidance. That is we better prescribe very expensive medicaments and services to people, than simply explain them how to lead a regular healthy life, to eat better food, to do more exercises to feel more physically active, and so on.

So the pharmaceuticals and health care are kinds of the underdeveloped system of the indemnification. But if the doctors will simply sit a and talk with the their patients about behavior that can change future problems with their health, or if they have already faced the problem, to remove it without using expensive medicaments or even some kinds of operations, than there will be no indemnification for him, as it is his duty to make the treatment profitable for the pharmaceutical industry. And this is our national mistake that must be exterminated.

Now let me draw your attention to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry and health care industry, a kind of industry that makes us healthy, has the biggest pricing markup than any other industry in the United States industry market. But it is not that right. Health care can not be the place of largest people’s revenue. Fortunately, the health care reform has been introduced in the Congress by the White house, which is done in order to make the health coverage easier of access and more available to every person. So this can help some people at least understand the importance of this procedure or not to get lost.

But in fact, if the person wants to have the insurance policy but they are not going to change their lifestyle and behavior, this process is simply not financially sustainable insurance legislation. The only way to make it stationary, durable is to deposit more money in it be the federal government, but in this case the federal debt will become more, so the people will continue thinking that they can not return these money to the government.

That is people in the USA are in need of the health care reform combined with behavioral change initiative in other way the health care reform will only make a lot of new problems for the society. As nowadays people have only very expensive medicaments and services that are making money for the government and not helping you to feel safer and calmer about your own future.

Today it is very important to find a good and quality health care plan. The point is that you cannot find any sort of health care plan (even united health care insurance) and rest assured that it is the best choice, unless you have the knowledge of what is good and what is bad on the market.

We recommend you to read our blog about united health care insurance and other types of insurance propositions, so that you could make a smart choice when it will come down to choosing united health care insurance (or other plans) on the market that is full of propositions.

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