Electric Mobility Scooter – Worry-Free Movement For Everyone

Our legs are importaant to us in that they help us to move from one place to another, but when they get damaged the person loses his or her mobility and needs to depend on others for this. Mobility is also affected through congenital malformation of one or either leg or may be caused due to accident. Advanced age also often causes mobility problems among many people. The wheelchairs of yesteryears were brought out to counteract this issue. But people were not content with hand-operated contraptions that were useful only within the confines of a home or yard, wanting self-propelled transportations that could be used on road, too. And that’s precisely how the mobility scooter was born. You are sure to come across many makers of these scooters today for all those with mobility worries, but there is one company that has already made a mark for themselves and this is Pride. Thus the electric mobility scooter has today become something that is known for their quality and dependability. Though the company started with their line of mechanical wheelchairs that were known as Pride Power Chairs, they are now also making the finest mobility scooters.

You will find the electric mobility scooter in two different types – there is the 3 wheel type and also the 4 wheel variety. You can understand that due to its single axis structure, the 3 wheel scooter can be better maneuvered than the four wheel type. Nevertheless, with Pride’s patented ‘JZMD Mid-wheel Drive’ design, the Pride four-wheel mobility scooter can negotiate unbelievable seamless turns with miraculous comfort and ease.

electric mobility scooter – the three-wheel varieties

(a) Go-Go Ultra X 3-wheel Electric Scooter
(b) Go-Go Elite Traveler 3-wheel Electric Scooter
(c) Rally 3-wheel Electric Scooter
(d) Sonic 3-wheel Electric Scooter
(e) Celebrity X 3-wheel Electric Scooter
(f) Sundancer Electric Scooter
(g) Victory 3-wheel Electric Scooter
(h) Legend 3-wheel Electric Scooter
(i) Maxima 3-wheel Electric Scooter

If you would rather prefer to select a 4 wheel mobility scooter, you can make a choice from the following –

(a) Go-Go Ultra X 4-wheel E. Scooter
(b) Go-Go Elite Traveler 4-wheel E. Scooter
(c) Rally 4-wheel Electric Scooter
(d) Revo 4-wheel Electric Scooter
(e) Victory 4-wheel Electric Scooter
(f) Legend 4-wheel Electric Scooter
(g) Legend XL 4-wheel Electric Scooter
(h) Hurricane PMV 4-wheel E. Scooter
(i) Maxima 4-wheel Electric Scooter
(j) Wrangler PMV 4-wheel Electric Scooter

However the price of the Pride mobility scooter tends to vary to a great extent as there are a few models that tend to cost more than others and this is because they come with advanced features – however many people still prefer them because of these premium features. They can get financial assistance from Medicaid for this, and the authorities are also extremely willing to help them get the scooter quickly. Those who are elderly and are physically challenged and are also underprivileged can benefit to a great extent from the Medicaid program. But that is not all – the company is also keen to process the papers for application to make it easier for the applicant and also to speed up the process.

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