Drinking Prune Juice Can Lead To A More Healthy Lifestyle

Prune juice is among the commercially available fruit juices today that offer you a lof of amazing health benefits to drinkers. The juice is extracted from dried plums, and the deep purple liquid is known to be rich in various vitamins and minerals which are all great for the health.

First off, prune juice are naturally rich in antioxidants, referred to as phenols. These substances act to defend the body from harmful oxygen-based free radicals. Free radicals result in tissue and organ damage and premature signs of aging.

Prunes also contain an incredibly elevated amount of beta-carotene. This kind of vitamin is also an antioxidant specifically blocks free radical-induced damage in the cellular walls. This is very important in the prevention of various cardiovascular illnesses and cancers. Research have proven that 2 ounces of the prune extract contains 17% of the US daily recommended amounts for Vitamin A.

Prune juice also has high amounts of potassium. This is a very important element that can improve control blood pressure and prevent a stroke. A quarter cup of prune juice is said to include 316 milligrams of potassium – which includes 9% of the US recommended daily allowance for the mineral.

Prune juice also has very high amounts of soluble fiber. Soluble dietary fiber is really beneficial to the digestive system and the liver. It assists flush out toxins from the body and control glucose and cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

The soluble dietary fiber stimulates the intestine to create a sure kind of laxative that can cleanse the digestive tract and create improved, regular bowel movements. Apart from that, soluble dietary fiber can also extract bile from the liver, stimulating the organ to produce more of the substance, burning out cholesterol in the process.

This is the very reason why drinking prune juice is now considered as an effective weight loss regimen. Nevertheless, dieters must constantly keep in mind that the fruit extract is not a quick and easy answer to weight loss. To be able to see precise results, dieters need to maintain healthy eating habits and regular exercise regimens.

Apart from that, the dietary fiber identified in prune juice can also help suppress the appetite and untimely food cravings. Soluble dietary fiber takes more time to digest and helps make you feel full for a longer period of time.

Prune juice is also a really effective treatment for constipation in babies and constipation in pregnancy. The extract contains high amounts of sorbitol, a natural and potent laxative that can help soften the stool for better and more regular bowel movement.

Some research report that prune juice may also help stop estrogen-dependent breast cancer. Estrogen accumulated in the intestines can trigger breast cancer. Prune juice on the other hand, can help the body reabsorb these substances back into the blood stream where they can result in no harm.

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