Best Ways to Treat Women's Hair Loss

When women face hair loss, their reactions vary quite a bit. One woman may feel that it’s not a big deal and just move on with her life. Meanwhile, another will urgently do everything she can to prevent any more hair from falling out. A third woman may just cut off all her hair and adopt this as her new style. The fact is, women’s hair loss can be dealt with, for any kind of woman. Still, it can be quite challenging when you must figure out how to proceed. For anyone in this position, the following are some practical methods of confronting hair loss in women.

Everybody knows about Rogaine for men. Did you know that there is a Rogaine for women as well? The clinical name for this is Minoxidil. This is similar to Rogaine in the way it works, but studies suggest that it may work better at reversing women’s hair loss than Rogaine does for men’s. This is a drug that is applied topically, and simply by putting it on your head it helps to stimulate hair growth. As a matter of fact, the FDA has only approved one drug for hair growth, and it is Minoxidil.For more knowledge on hairloss you could possibly take a look into Womens Health.

A few prescription strength fungal infection medications can be taken to medicate women’s hair loss. This doesn’t mean you should begin spreading Lotrimin or other athlete’s foot medication on your scalp. Be advised by your medical professional before using this technique for blocking hair loss. The kind of medication that won’t torture the scalp (Nizoral) is only available with a prescription. You should be advised by a physician and a dermatologist prior to using this technique to treat your hair loss problems. Nevertheless, if authorized, it can be really helpful.

Still another popular hair loss drug for women is Cimetidine, also known as Tagamet. This drug was originally used to treat other problems in the body, namely ulcers and histamines. It basically allows your body to heal ulcers when they develop. While working on this, scientists discovered that it helped block androgen receptors in your body which reduce the effects of hair loss. Androgens are substances that can stop your hair from growing. If they are not active, your follicles will once again produce hair. Yet, the FDA still hasn’t approved this drug for treating hair loss, so make sure you get a physician’s consent before taking it. Hairfall has always been a cause of worry amongst both men and women but have you ever think what might be the cause behind it?Hairfall may be triggered by a number of reasons. Sometimes unwanted pregnancy may cause a lot of hassle among women. This trauma may head to hair fall. Take precaution by taking Contraceptive Pill like yasmin, cerazette etc and feel free from all your problems.

Women deal with hair loss in a variety of ways. Some prefer to just accept the fact that they are losing their hair and do what they can with what they have left. Others fight hard against even the tiniest bit of thinning. You have to deal with hair loss in your own way. But you should not take substances that may effect you in unpredictable ways without consulting a physician. You can learn from him or her why you are facing hair loss, and then you can ask about the best remedy for your situation.

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