Elderly Tennis Referee Allegedly Murders Husband with Coffee Cup

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Death by Coffee Cup?

An 80-year old man has been murdered with a coffee cup as the murder weapon.  The alleged murderess is his wife, Lois Ann Goodman, a well known tennis referee  for the U.S. Open.


The murder happened on April 17th and Goodman claimed at the time that her husband must have had a heart attack.  The death was officially ruled a homicide on August 2nd.


Murder of our seniors is rare, or is it?

As in this case, natural causes such as heart attacks, heart disease or simple accidents like falling down stairs often seem to be the culprits.   This case has received a lot of publicity because Lois Goodman is so well known in tennis circles.


This brings up the question of how many of our elderly are actually murdered with such crimes being so easily covered up.  These are questions we need to be asking any time a senior dies under unusual circumstances.  You could say I’m really asking how many deaths occur in nursing homes and possibly at the hands of family members.


Our seniors have just as much right for full protection under the law as younger citizens.  This murder is out in the open because officials pursued it and were not afraid to ask the right questions  while continuing the investigation.


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