World’s Oldest Person Celebrates Sweet 116

At 116 years old, Bessie Cooper of Monroe Georgia, has been deemed the world’s oldest person by Guinness World Records.  That was not without some controversy since the late Maria Gomes Valentin of Brazil had been proven to have been  48 days older.

Since Mrs. Valentin’s death, all of that is behind Mrs. Cooper and her record is safe.  She has been living in a nursing home only for the last five years since the age of 105.

As always, we want to know their secrets and Mrs. Cooper’s are simple.  “I mind my own business and  I don’t eat junk food.”

That one sentence is an earful for those of us who are willing to listen.

Isn’t the cutting down of junk food consumption what our doctors have been trying to tell us for years?  And what about prying into other people’s business?  Wouldn’t it be easier if everyone practiced non-noisiness?

Mrs. Cooper was born in my home state of Tennessee  in 1896, two years after my youngest grandparent.  I’ve decided to follow  her  example and I’m cutting down on junk food although I did eat some Baked Lays over the weekend.  I’m still working on the non-noisiness.

Here’s more information about the World’s Oldest Person

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