World War II Veteran Kills Intruder While Defending Home

92 year -old Earl Jones of Boone County, Kentucky has killed an intruder  burglarizing  his rural home.    It happened yesterday as Earl, a WW2 veteran, heard noises from downstairs.  According to Earl’s story, as one of the young intruders kicked in his bedroom door, Earl shot him in the chest, killing him.

The intrigue continued as the would be burglar’s  two comrades  fled across county lines with the body.  They also called 911 but with a different story as they attempted to explain why their friend was  dead in the car.

Kentucky is one of around 24 states which has what is referred to as “The Castle Doctrine”.  This is a law which gives the homeowner the right to use force in defending his property against intruders.  My question is- only 24 states?  Why isn’t this on the books in all states?

I suspect there is probably more to this story than what is being reported, namely that Earl has been a repeated victim of crime. He has been robbed several times since April.   Don’t get me started again on crimes against our seniors. This is a subject that really angers me.

Earl  also complained about the way he was treated by the police.  So far his rifle has not been returned, which they are probably processing for evidence.   There may be more to be revealed about that later as the facts emerge.

But this gets us to another important point.  Aging in place is becoming more of the norm as people are staying in their own homes longer.  You’d think an elderly man out  in the country with cows hanging around the porch would be safe.  After all, this is not a crime riddled urban environment.  But Earl had already lost 90 head of cattle due to theft.

If we can’t keep our seniors safe where are we as a society?  It is shameful  the three young men were even tempted to make this senior allegedly one of their victims.  It is shameful that Earl  had to shoot the intruder himself.  It shouldn’t have come to that.  Earl should have been safer in his own home.  He shouldn’t have had to defend himself.

But here’s a word of caution for young hoodlums: don’t choose veterans as your crime victims.  They have been well trained and even at the age of 92, some can still handle weaponry pretty well.



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