Make Your Relationship Healthy

Does your marriage feel flat? Studies have shown that after three years of marriage, many couples start complaining about their relationship being stale and boring. Are you facing some issues with your spouse?

Happy marriage is not an oxymoron. It is a reality for those who understand how it is constructed and what all those little knobs are for. If I asked you to pilot an airplane you might insist that you don’t know how to fly. Nobody has ever showed you how. Well, believe it or not it is more difficult to learn how to fly a plane than to be married. It is insane to get married without knowing “how”, or what it is all about. If you learn about how to behave within a marriage, and how not to behave, your marriage will be happy.

Marriage is meant to be happy. Marriage is supposed to be happy. Marriages are naturally happy.

It is a mistake to think you have to work in a marriage; you don’t. You just have to know how it works. If you twist the lid of the jar in the wrong direction it will tighten when you want it to loosen. Once you know which direction does what, you won’t have to strain again.

Regardless of what has taken place in the past every marital relationship could and should be restarted, leaving the past behind.

There are no victims in a reconstituted marriage but there are nothing but victims in divorce.Free Relationship Advice

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