The Millenium's Fashion Craze: Velour Tracksuits

Modern fashion sees trends come and go regularly but some manage to become staples by being popular for a long time. In the past half century the best example would be the denim jean. Our new closet staple item seems to be a velour tracksuit.

The velour tracksuit seems to be staying put in stores unlike other trends. Most retailers have designed a velour tracksuit every season for the past few years. In modern fashion, two years or more in shops is like a lifetime.

Velour tracksuits came to public view through celebrities at first. First it was Britney and her bridesmaids in embroidered baby pink velour tracksuits. Then footballer’s wives took on the trend during international competitions.

Now of course they are a popular outfit on any high street. They are so liked because they are stylish while being comfortable. It is important however that if you are going to wear a velour tracksuit you buy one that is made out of good quality material. When it is washed it should keep its shape. Also; you do not want the colour to fade during washing. If the material is less than the best the tracksuit will end up looking more chavvy than stylish.

If you do not want to look like mutton dressed as lamb, adults should stick to darker colours. Pinks, light blue and green are not for the over 20s. Black, brown and navy are ideal as they are flattering.

On the other hand, children look brilliant in bright colours. Clothes which are comfy, practical and fashionable are hard to find for young girls. With a velour tracksuit you combine all three. Children like wearing them because they are so easy to pull on and get off before and after swimming and other popular activities.

So with this in mind, take a look at tracksuits offered by different retailers. You will find some awful ones and the odd gem. Quality can be found at retailers who socialise in other velour clothing as well. Make sure that you do not get overcharged for the tracksuit, £60 should be the maximum. Likewise, do not spend too little otherwise the clothing will fall apart after just a few washes.

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