Some Nutritional Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

That omega 3 fatty acids are famous would be an understatement. This is really a wondrous drug that came straight from nature. Most health supplements that contain omega 3 become an instant hit among consumers. The popularity of this compound has something to do with its health benefits. Research works have proven time and again that omega 3 fatty acids have health benefits.

Increase the Presence of Good Cholesterol

Another term to denote omega 3 is poly-unsaturated fatty acids. The term “fatty” may throw you off if this is your first time reading about this compound. This type of fatty acid is good for you. In fact, omega 3 fatty acids can be great for your heart.

Omega 3 fatty acid can help prevent blood clotting, which may cause several diseases inside the body. Omega 3 fatty acids may help alleviate hypertension by improving the amount of high density lipoprotein inside the body. Increasing the good types of cholesterol (high density lipoprotein) will also benefit the body in so many ways. Also, people with healthy levels of high density lipoprotein can enjoy better psychological health for a longer time.

Where to Get It?

The source of omega 3 fatty acid has been subject for debate in the past decade. So far, only fish oil has been proven as a good source of this compound. Some scientific studies are devoted to finding vegetable oils that may contain omega 3 fatty acids. The general consensus is that fish oil is still the best food for you if you want to add omega 3 fatty acids to your daily diet.

The main sources of this compound include fish oils from mackerel, salmon and sardines. If fresh or packed salmon is not available, try mackerel, salmon and sardines. If these fishes or fish products are not available in your region, don’t worry. Some products, like bread and cereals, have been fortified with these compounds.

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