Power Juicer – How To Choose Which One Is Right For You

Want to live healthy? Now is the time to begin and to invest in power juicer which will aid you in your new lifestyle. Now, people are more practical. They are finding alternative ways to improve their health which are economical, convenient and most of all doable. The latest fad on dieting and staying fit is drinking power juices coming from fruits and veggies. That is why the popularity of power juicers is now on the rise.

These days, we see power juicer brands everywhere. They are being endorsed by famous celebrities and sports icons. The more products there are the more confusing you also become. Possibly you are wondering who to trust. Is it enough to buy a product because it is endorsed by top celebrity? Power juicers can already be considered as investment because some are really deluxe. That is why just like any other house hold equipment or electrical device there are some things you have to consider before buying your very own power juice extractor.

Veggies, Fruit Or Both?
This is the first thing you have to think about. Value your needs and check if you are using the juice extractor for fruits or veggies? If both, then choosing a multi-functional power juice extractor is the perfect apparatus for you. But remember this type is a bit more costly than the others.

Kitchen Area And The Size Of The Power Juicer
Second consideration is the size of your kitchen area particularly your counter top. If you have limited space, a compact juicer is perfect for you. There are also power juicers which are bigger and a little bulkier because they have added features. There are also power juicers which can be stored completely without hassles and there are others which may require more storage space in your kitchen.

Power Feature
When buying a juicer, always check its motor. The stronger the motor is the more likelihood that you can get more juice out of your fruits and vegetables. A lot of people think that if the motor is noisy then it must be powerful. That was during the old days. There are now power juicers that are as quiet as a whisper but are packed with good horsepower. Read the label and try the juicer before buying it.

Power Blades
Besides the motor, do check for the blade. We all know that German made steel is the most excellent in the market. It would be quite a treat if you can find a power juice extractor with powerful motor and at the same time with German steel.

Less Mess, More Juice
Thanks to the development of technologies, new juicers today will give you your money’s worth. Juicers before the early 1990’s get most of the pulp including the most important and nutritious fruit peel. But that’s not the case anymore. There are good power juicers out there that only leave a very small amount of fruit or vegetable peel as trash.

Cleaning Is A Cinch!
More importantly your power juice extractor should be easy to clean and easy to store. People are preoccopied with so many things like work, kids, studies, etc. That is why a lot of people now are seeking convenience in everything they do and in everything they buy. It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to clean and store your power juice extractor especially when the time you prefer to prepare your power juice drink is in the morning before going off to work and at night before retiring to bed.

Getting a power juice extractor can be very easy if you know what you are seeking. Browse for brands and compare prices online. Just be certain that before you buy you read the different prints and special functions and precautionary measures of the brands.

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