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Microsoft Windows is the preferred operating system for most PC users today. This operating system will use a special type of database (called the System Registry) to store important datas regarding the applications part of your computer, including your preferences and user’s details. So Windows will be able to optimize the resources of your computer when you will boot it. Or when you will launch and run any program, since all the details about the startup, and configurations for your programs are kept in the System Registry. Here PC Health Advisor you will read some reviews about PC Health Advisor.

However, the Registry could lead to the slowdown of the operating system in special cases. Unwanted entries can lean to such cluttering of your System Registry. Like any entry that belongs to some applications that are not even anymore on your computer. Unwanted entries in the System Registry can be created by viruses. This kind of problem will lead to have a messy Windows Registry. Windows will have problems accessing the Registry and finding the right entries. When such thing happens, both your programs and the boot time of your PC will be a lot slower than usually.

To remedy the above problem, there are many Registry Cleaning applications available today. PC Tools, the well known utility developer company, made such application called Registry Mechanic. Check here Registry Mechanic for some reviews about Registry Mechanic.

This very professional program (Registry Mechanic) comes with a great interface with large buttons. The command menus part of this program are very easy to understand. Any user who runs Registry Mechanic is presented with 3 options: Scan the registry, compact the registry and optimize the system. Scanning offers the regular scanning and cleaning services for the registry where unwanted registry entries are removed to reduce the clutter in your Windows Registry.

Compacting the registry offers you a way to remove problems related to how the entries are stored in the Registry. Any empty space will be filled. So your system will read the Registry a lot faster. Optimizing the registry will permit you to optimize your Windows Registry, besides also optimizing your computer system. This program includes a tool that will defragment your hard disk. This tool is only a link leading you to the Windows Defragmentation Tool. The most advanced features of this application are not clearly explained in the Help section. You will then have the impression that Registry Mechanic is for PC users with intermediate level of computer knowledge.

However, the basic functions of Registry Mechanic can be initiated by a novice user without any problems. This great Registry Cleaning program (Registry Mechanic) can be used by anyone looking to clean their registry and to optimize their system.

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