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Hi, Edward right here adding another review of mine to the numerous Healthmaster Blender reviews. I wanted to talk about the ups and downs I experienced with the Health Grasp blender.

In the beginning the Health Grasp blender would be a dream come true to me since I was a daily drink mixer. I chose the Master mixer over the rivaled Vitamix for a few factors but mainly because the Vitamix is priced at twice as much as my Health Master.

Whenever my Health Master mixer showed up I began using it right away. I was very happy that my iced fruit-protein beverages didn’t have big chunks of ice inside them anymore. I had been also impressed that it combined my vegetable drinks quickly and easily and no pulp or chunks possibly.

  • 1100 Watts of Power
  • Multiple Safety Features
  • Makes Hot Soups & Cold Ice Cream

After a few weeks I saw a brownish water or oil coming out of the bottom of my Health Grasp blender. We couldn’t believe it. I acquired online and discovered others had posted complaints about the same thing that happened to me.

We immediately got on the telephone and called Health Grasp. I told them the problem (We probably might have been calmer) as well as demanded reimbursement. The nice lady on the telephone was patient and asserted they were sorry and would be glad to resolve my complaint by delivering me a brand new blender, free of charge. She asserted they sell so many blenders that each once in awhile the blender will have something wrong with it.

That made sense in my experience and I appreciated that the One hundred year motor warrantee had been one of the reasons I chose the Health Grasp over the Vitamix; which has a warrantee of 3 or 7 years or something like that. I’m happy the customer service rep was able to calmly manage my complaints and solve my issues.

Like the customer service rep guaranteed, my brand new Health Grasp showed up quickly. I’m blending again and haven’t had the same problem since. Which shows me that Health Master is really a quality producer and that Montel Williams didn’t make a career closing choice through endorsing Health Master blenders.

I’m back to mixing daily as well as loving this. I can’t state how much I really like my My Health Master. I know which I’m just one individual and one evaluation in a vast sea of opinions as well as experiences. I just hope which I’ve helped somebody learn more about Health Master blenders and assisted them save money by lacking to spend the extra dough on a Vitamix.

Don’t be timid to read my previously reviews of my experience with choosing a Healthmaster Juicer. Like We said, there is a vast sea of Health Master Blender reviews available.

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