Get Back In Shape Right After Your Baby With Fit Yummy Mummy

Most women put on weight when they are having a baby and finding a way to get rid of the weight after the fact can regularly be an issue for many mothers. Nearly all women who have had a baby, never feel that they will be able to shed all their baby weight. What can make this overweight problem even worse for some females is that they have never been overweight before. Nevertheless there is assistance for all you females looking to lose your baby fat, and that’s the “Fit Yummy Mummy” program.

When you first check out this program you will realize that this is not just a run of the mill weight loss program. This specific program was fashioned with new mothers in mind, to help them get back to his or her pre-baby weight. Your creator of this program, Holly Rigsby, was right where you are now and needed to drop the baby weight. Holly, much like most women who are expecting a baby, had cravings during her pregnancy, and just couldn’t control them. And for this reason Holly found herself weighing an additional 50 pounds after her child was born.

Holly began to lose a little weight together with her breast feeding and also began to lose even more weight when she began to walk at various speeds for 45 minutes each day. Holly began to realize that her changing in intensity levels as she walked aided her to reduce more weight and she began to look into this technique.. At this time she met a guy who explained to her about “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption”. EPOC, will raise your metabolism for about 24 to 48 hours, which means you will continue to lose weight even after you are done exercising. The best element is that the workout routines involved are more intense, so the amount of time you have to workout is greatly reduced. Actually when you break it down you are able to reach the level you will need, doing just 15 minute workouts each day.

The website for this program is packed with success stories from mothers who were able to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. One of the testimonials actually comes from a weight loss educator and private coach, who applied Holly’s program to get her own body back to her pre-baby weight as well as fitness level. And if you are thinking that you have had two children and there is nothing that can be done, you will still find that this program will help you.

This program is only available on the net and is currently being sold for $47, and when you recognize that this program will actually work you will see what a good deal this really is. The 2 month, money back guarantee is something that a lot of women like about this program. This is great because you can use this course for 2 months to see if this will meet your needs. And if you learn that this system is not for you, you simply contact Holly and she offers you a no hassle refund.

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