Food to Lose Weight Catalogues Range between Greens to Chocolate

The idea of starving yourself to lose weight is fast becoming a thing of the past. In fact, many proponents of losing weight now advocate eating more food than before, but being far more selective about what you eat.

How weight loss can relate to the consumption of certain foods is the prime topic that follows.

The Web site panlasang pinoy goes so far as to say, “The main key to losing weight is to eat more food”. Yet, that “more food” needs to be the right kinds of food . Its food to lose weight plan includes consuming healthy foods that are high in fibre, low in fat, and high in water content. Whole-grain foods, watermelons, grapes, gelatin, and yogurt are included in that list, along with brown rice. An intriguing quote lifted from the Web site belonging to panlasang pinoy makes the prudent observation, “Losing weight should always be a long-term goal”.

A detailed list of foods women can routinely consume without fear of gaining weight, as compiled by Women’s, ensues. Counting down from N. 10 to the No. 1 healthiest food, they are: 10) chocolate; 9) air popped popcorn; 8) water; 7) curds; 6) sprouted pulses; 5) high-fiber cereals; 4) potatoes (but not fried); 3) oranges; 2) grapes; 1) salads.

The Web site iollifestyle makes suggestions of a more general bent.

That Web site says:

  • * Snack, but snack wisely
  • * Avoid bread
  • * Eat a lot of fiber

Losing weight gradually, as suggested by panlasang pinoy, is not the approach taken by FoodLovers Fat Loss System’s 21-day weight loss plan.

Their secret, which they will share when one purchases their written materials, is based on a “metabolism makeover” evidenced without dieting where customers are taught about fast-burning and

slow-burning carbohydrates. Eating chocolate and drinking wine are not deterrents to losing weight on the FatLover’s 21-Day Weight Loss Plan.

An exhaustive list of 249 different foods designed to promote weight loss is listed at Very few, if any natural foods are not named on this extensive roll call of healthy eats.

The largest list is comprised of complex carbohydrates and is headed by whole grains and unprocessed foods. Other items of note on the complex carbohydrate-unprocessed food list include brown rice, oatmeal, and plain or lightly salted popcorn. Falling into the category of complex carbohydrates, along with fruits which routinely are high in fiber and nutrients, are such vegetables as beets, asparagus, green beans, and artichokes.’s prioritized meat list begins with organic beef, Cornish hens, and chicken. The site’s fish food to lose weight list is paced by tuna, sardines, trout, and salmon; and the nuts and seeds category is headed by unsalted cashews, unsalted peanuts, and raw almonds and the one food group we can’t forget is healthy chocolate!

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