77-Year Old Lady’s Traffic Violation Gets National Attention

By now,  a lot of us have heard 77 year-old Lynn Bedford’s story about being pulled over for a speeding violation.

The vid from CNN has been circulating the Internet and it seems almost everyone has an opinion about how Ms. Bedford was treated or mistreated by the policeman in Keene, Texas.

She was clocked going about 15 miles over the speed limit and he pulled her over for that.  Normally, she would have received a ticket and that would have been the end of it, but it wasn’t.

Frankly, I think she could have chosen her words a little more carefully with the policeman.  Yes, she had a bladder problem  which is common with many elderly people.  That was probably the reason she was speeding in the first place.

However, if she hadn’t argued with him, the stop would have ended much sooner and very differently.

One piece of advice for all of us is to show respect and to be courteous to a  policeman.  If you  are nice to him, most likely he will return  your good will and manners.  If you want to argue your case take it before a judge latter in traffic court.

In summary, keep your mouth shut, even when he asks for proof you actually own the car, as one policeman asked me during a recent traffic stop in Nashville.

On the other hand…

How does the vid of a policeman pulling a 77 year-old lady out of her car really look as far as public relations?  Not good, I’ll venture out to say.  It is very painful for me to watch.  I don’t like seeing our seniors treated in such a manner.  It is very disturbing to me.

How do you feel about it?

Video of Lynn Bedford’s Traffic Stop



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1 thought on “77-Year Old Lady’s Traffic Violation Gets National Attention”

  1. One will understand the action of the Police Officer once you read the Psychological Profile of the type of people that become Cops!!!!!

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