Reclusive Elderly Hoarder Dies with Gold Fortune in House

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An elderly  man who was known as a recluse and hoarder has been found dead along with a fortune of at least $7 million in golden coins. Walter Samaszko Jr.  was discovered dead of natural causes last June after neighbors complained about a stench coming from his house.

A well check by the Sheriff  found Samaszko had been dead for over a month and that there were boxes of  gold coins throughout the house.  Estimates are the fortune could be worth much more than the original estimate of $7 million since many coins are collector’s items with some dating back to the 1840’s.

Samasko’s story is sad but there is a good wealth building secret behind it.  Actually, it isn’t a secret and never has been hidden from those who are avid savers.  His mother started saving the coins after the death of his father who was an executive with a pie company.  They saved since the 1960’s, which means the gold coin part of the fortune is probably less than 50 years old.

The fact that the man was a recluse and rarely ventured out is tragic and also proves the elderly need visits and lots of attention.  When they get away from social activities and people their lives are much poorer, even if they are rich as far as this world’s goods.

This brings up the point that we need to do wellness checks on our elderly as much as we can.  If we hear of a senior living alone, it is good to stop by and make sure they are getting enough to eat and that they have contact with others.

One last point about this pitiful story.  The IRS is coming after the gold.


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