What Are The Ways Of Getting A Health Insurance Policy If You Are Diagnosed With Diabetes?

The health insurance is very important for every person, but especially it is important for people with diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that has be carefully controlled. In addition even with proper controls there could be some complications as the time goes further.

Unfortunately almost in all states the health insurance is medically underwritten. It means that you have to answer certain questions about your medical history and qualify for the health insurance policy. In most cases diabetes will make you ineligible for individual health insurance coverage.

Nevertheless there are still some alternative methods and plans for people suffering from diabetes to secure health insurance. This article will provide you with the needed information about ways to obtain a health insurance policy if you are suffering from diabetes.

In the case you are working for an employer who offers group health insurance you problem is over. Group health insurance is a guaranteed option and you cannot be turned down for any pre-existing medical conditions. In addition, even if you have never had a health insurance before or you just let it lapse, pre-existing medical conditions will be covered in full volume after 12 month. In the case you have had continuous health insurance coverage there will be no waiting period.

But what have you do in the case you have no opportunity to apply for a group health insurance?

If you are working in certain industries, you have the possibility to buy a guaranteed issue medical plan with no questions about your medical history.

These industries for eligible for major medical include the following:

– Anyone in the real estate or mortgage industry whether it is broker, agent, mortgage broker, clerical or administrative staff.

– Construction industry. It is broader category. It includes anyone working in the sphere of constructions.

– Information technology. It is the other broad category that includes network engineers, programmers, web developers and web designers, repair technicians and many others. Once more anyone working in the sphere of information technology whether it is a common worker or administrative staff is eligible for major medical health insurance.

The other guaranteed issue that is available for diabetics under the age of 65 is a limited benefit health insurance plan. It is something that could be referred to mini medical health insurance.

This health insurance plan includes the following:

– Have a surgical schedule that is not limited.

– Cover more than $1000 a day for hospitalization.

– Cover a limited number of the doctor visits and diagnostic tests.

– It is credible real health insurance coverage and not a discount plan with some additional benefits.

People at the age from 18 to 64 have the possibility to obtain a critical illness plan. According to this plan you will be paid $25,000 in the case of diagnosing a certain life threatening illness like cancer, stroke, kidney failure and others.

It is very smart to do your own investigation on the health insurance industry – this is where the comparison of health insurance quotes will help you a lot. For more info about family health insurance provider – please visit this web site with the latest free health insurance plan quotes.

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