The importance of taking an international student medical insurance by students who are planning to study abroad cannot be under-estimated. With the increasing medical costs world over, it becomes very essential for every international student to be covered under International Student Health Insurance.

HCC Medical Insurance Services has designed a StudentSecure SM Medical Insurance plan especially for international students. To help the students to choose easily, two levels of coverage are available – Select and Budget and they seek to cover aspects such as Medical Expenses, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and Acts of Terrorism and even pre-existing conditions which are covered after a year.

The Budget and Select types of coverage vary according to the amount they provide as coverage. While, the International Student Medical Insurance plan offers up to $300,000 as coverage, the Budget Plan offers up to $250,000 as coverage. Both these plans cover the factors of – Hospital Pre-Notification Penalty, Outpatient Treatment & Outpatient Prescription Drugs, Hospital Room & Board Local Ambulance Intensive Care Unit, Dental Treatment due to Accident, Dental Treatment to alleviate pain, Maternity Care for a Covered Pregnancy, Mental Health Disorders and Routine Nursery Care of Newborn.

Apart from the usual factors, International Student Insurance plans also provide coverage for the factors of Intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural, or club sports, Terrorism, Benefit Period for coverage after Policy Termination Date, Therapeutic Termination of Pregnancy, Physical Therapy & Chiropractic Care, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Emergency Reunion and Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

The eligibility for International Student Medical Insurance plan is to be a full time student possessing a valid F-1 visa in the United States. It is also necessary that no type of residential status is attained by these students who reside in a foreign country for the purpose of higher education.

We can extend the plan for a time period of twelve months after the date of purchase, after which we can also renew it for four years, the only condition being, we have to fulfill all the requirements of the plan.

There are various ways by which we can access this plan. We can either mail the application or fax it to the company. We can also e-mail the application along with the details of the payment method. Then the International Student Medical Insurance documents can either be mailed to us by post or sent to our e-mail, depending on our preference.

These are a some features of the StudentSecure SM Medical Insurance plan.

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