The Albatross Known As Weight Loss – $35 Billion Spent In The US Alone

So many folk, virtually the majority so it appears, has either been on a diet, presently on a diet or will be on one in the future at some specific point. Then there are those people that have truly never been on a diet and are healthy and because its become so different than the conventional folk wonder how they could most likely do it. I can remember when I was growing up you’ve never heard of a diet or anyone being on one and most individuals were not fat, particularly not overweight. Now people are using everything from the latest device to pre-packed special food to weight loss downloads to switch their method of pondering food. What madness we have made.

And this issue of oversized and obesity is spreading across countries who have the means to eat regularly and indulge unacceptably. What ever happened to eating the 3 meals per day mom prepared, not out of a box or can, and spending the rest of the time involved in life’s activities? I know some folks who have given so much money to the $40 Bln weightloss industry and will surely deposit more money in those accounts of people getting rich keeping folk fat while also leading them to methods to lose the same fat they promoted thru unhealthy food and behaviors.

The health risks alone have financial impact on insurance companies as well for the amount of diseases and treatments and deaths without delay related to being fat and obesity change insurance charges and pay outs. At what point did the vast majority of folk start becoming so emotional about food and eating. When I think of it it appears to be when they stopped other vices like drugs, consuming alcoholic drinks and smoking so what was left… Food. Or better I should say processed edible products. And there are massive benefits when we are making a call to lose some weight and get fit. Benefits that are emotional, mental, spiritual and of course physical.

I have got a sister that’s so big I’m wondering how she does the easy small daily things everybody has to do to live like walk up and down steps, get in and out of a vehicle and what about just showering and dressing. Ive had the setback in the past of permitting an extra 25 pounds and I couldn’t believe the difference and changes it made. And knowing my health was in jeopardy I decided to deal with it and maintain a more fit way of life. And trust me I like to eat great food that isn’t so good for you, rich in calories and fat but I have chosen to look great and feel good is better than to eat what tastes decadently good often .

When we stop making a contribution to adding more fat to our bodies we automatically stop making a contribution to the weight loss industry cash generator. And it feels so good to wake up and move about, dress for your body and not around it and feel good about yourself because any person overweight knows its like a unceasing whinging reminder that’s always there. Just the emotional and psychological benefits of losing pounds is such a reward and the physical benefits are the extra additional bonus… Or vice versa.

Crizza Reyes
Author & Speaker on Woman’s Issues. To learn how Crizza found the way to lose some weight using weight loss MP3 downloads, please visit our web site /wl-pkg.shtml.

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