Short Term Health Insurance

If you are going to buy a health insurance, there are some reasons for buying a short term health insurance. Might be you have just graduated from college, so you are no longer covered via your parent’s policy. Maybe you are unemployed and do not covered by the employer’s health insurance policy. Maybe you have just lost your work and need a health insurance for the period till you find a new one. Maybe you have a new job, but need health insurance coverage for some months before getting an employer’s coverage.

Whatever your situation is, to stay without health insurance coverage even for some months could be very risky. If your situation one of above mentioned, you easily may use temporary health insurance coverage.

What it temporary health insurance is con be understood from the name. Temporary or short term health insurance is designed to cover you for a short period of time. Usually this period is between one and six months. However, today loner periods of health insurance are available on the market of health insurance. In the case you need temporary health insurance for longer period, it could be extended, but a traditional temporary health insurance plan is more beneficial in such cases.

The majority of medical conditions that are covered by the traditional health insurance plan are also covered by the temporary health insurance plans. However, there is still a sufficient difference. Short term health insurance plan is much stricter regarding indemnity plans. You have to be ready that diagnostics and preventive treatments as common checkups, optical and dental checkups as well as existing medical conditions and work-related injuries are not covered in the temporary health insurance plan.

Temporary health insurance plan provides you with the coverage for all emergency conditions that you could suffer from as for example, hospital and intensive care needs, prescription drugs, X-rays and a lot of others.

For obtaining temporary health insurance policy, first of all you need to find an experienced health insurance agent. Also you have to decide the period for which you will need the coverage. Do not forget to read the ‘exclusion’ clause very carefully. After completing the application form, check it so as to be sure that every bit of information you have given is true information. Keep a copy of your paperwork.

The cost of temporary health insurance plan varies depending on the type of coverage you have chosen. Lower cost temporary health insurances have higher deductible. Also weigh some additional options. Usually the prescription drugs are very costly, so it is better to get them covered rather not have them in your insurance at all. Examine the policy thoroughly and weigh if it worth the price you have to pay.

It is definitely smart to do your own investigation on the health insurance market. You should pay attention to the health insurance quotes. Also pay attention to the conditions under which these health insurance quotes are provided. This will assist you to choose the best self employed family health insurance provider.

Please also keep in mind that we are living in the world where knowledge makes life easier.

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