Health Insurance – The Beginning

Do you want to know how it all began?

Initially the idea of health insurance appeared in 1694. First it was offered by a member of Chamberlain family, Hugh the Elder. It was he who proposed the concept of health insurance. Another type of health insurance appeared at the end of the XIX century. It was so called “accident insurance” which is similar to contemporary disability insurance. That was the beginning of health insurance industry.

This type of health insurance functioned in some regions and jurisdictions until the first half of the XX century. In 1850 the first health insurance company was founded in the USA. They were first in the market of health insurance to propose accident insurance against steamboat and railroad accidents as it was the time when injuries and traumas from steamboat and railroad incidents increased.

By 1866 in USA there were about sixty companies and organizations that offered accident insurance, and the industry of health insurance was quickly to develop after that. And the first disability policy was suggested in 1911. It was a kind of group insurance coverage sponsored by employer. But except accident insurance employees had to pay for all health care costs out of their own savings.

Now most of private health insurance plans give coverage to proscribed drugs, courses of treatment, emergency help and various medical care procedures. This service first appeared at the beginning of the XX century. Some hospitals proposed different medical care to their patients and asked pre-pay for that. The first health insurance policies appeared this way.
In those days it was almost impossible for an invalid person to stay alive without great help of his relatives. A crippled or chronic invalid was not able to earn for his life.

But appearance of health insurance in the market of services altered everything. You can trust your insurance company and from the very moment you signed up your health insurance policy it will take care of you and your family. Health insurance plan will give you affordable coverage in case of hospitalization and treatment, and there will not be necessary for you to pay out of your own savings.

Nowadays a great number of health insurance reforms are coming and the system of health insurance is becoming more and more flexible and soon it will be able to satisfy almost all health care needs of all layers of the population. Health insurance industry is developing rapidly, improving constantly and modernizing the medical care service. At the moment in many countries more reasonable and flexible health insurance plans are being provided for the population.

Thus, state services are working for the population and trying to improve their people’s life including health insurance industry.

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