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Is family health insurance coverage a thing of the past?

The state of the economy has become the number one concern of the average family. A decade ago, family health insurance reporting was nearly taken for granted. If you worked for a huge corporation, one of the advantages was that your employer provided health insurance as a typical part of the salaried employee’s perks. Several years ago, the Federal government enacted tax legislation which was theoretical to persuade small businesses to endow with group health insurance coverage to their employees, with a tax break inducement. This legislation did little to develop the picture. Who knows why? Perhaps the tax incentives were just not cost-effective an adequate amount of the small business vendor to implement. big corporations started cutting back on their family health insurance coverage.

Today, likely half of American workers have no health insurance coverage at all. With all of the other obligations a family wants to meet, health insurance goes by the wayside. It’s simply no longer affordable . A recent news piece, on a major television network, told the story of a retired couple on a fixed income. Their cautiously tended retirement amounts had taken a big hit, so their monthly budget was far less than they’d anticipated. As is the case with older people, they had health situations to examine and medications they couldn’t do without.

They found it essential to adjust their other expenses such that they could pay a $2800 yearly premium for their family health insurance coverage. When weighed against a potential $30,000 hospital bill, the health insurance premium came out ahead, in terms of living, versus dying for lack of adequate medical care. From a only humanitarian standpoint, this is indeed a deplorable situation. When you can’t afford family health insurance coverage, because the other, more basic necessities of life, such as housing, utilities and food eat up all of your income, your family’s health is sure to suffer. usual checkups and preventive health care are no longer reasonable.

You call your physician for emergencies only. This clearly opens the door for life threatening diseases to develop . The eventual fallout of a lack of family health insurance coverage is staggering . If you have dental problems that are left unattended due to a lack of funds, the consequences can be terrible. You may develop heart problems , or at the very least, lose a tooth or two, as a result of inadequate health care. Kids and the elderly are mainly vulnerable groups. The lack of adequate family health insurance coverage has a exact impact on the society as a whole. Lost work days and a normally worsened health status cost the country, both in production and caring aspects.

We need to make the politicians understand that health insurance is a preference for the average person. Our country should be competent to present universal family health insurance coverage. Politicians should take a moment to realize that health problems eventually diminish productivity and end up costing the society as a whole. searching around the rest of the Western world, we are far behind in providing affordable family health insurance coverage. The politicians and pharmaceutical companies might almost be suspected of being ‘in cahoots’, with the American public being the losers. They might also take a step back from their own fulsome health coverage and understand that alleviating human pain among our own people is a worthy objective. Write your congressional representative today!

Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’

Some states provide affordable family health insurance coverage on a sliding fee scale, according to your skill to pay. For more insurance plans and guide please visit : world of finance

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