Affordable Health Insurance: Tips For Lower Quotes

17% of all Americans don’t have any kind of health insurance. This report can be trusted because it was issued from the American Census Bureau. And this would have been worse but to the contrary,it was group health plans that have made health insurance affordable for a high pecentage of those who have it.

However, the number of Americans without health insurance may likely grow because most businesses are beginning to find it too tasking to provide members of their staff with health care benefits. Health care cost is increasing and a few of them can really keep up with such additional financial strain.

The only way left for the majority who would want to maintain a health insurance coverage would be to get individual health insurance. And since it will typically cost so much to get individual health insurance, savings tips on health insurance would be helpful.. Hopefully, this article will teach you time-tested saving tips on health insurance…

1. Smoking will cost you very high rates. Smokers are more likely to die at a tender age and are also more likely to have many deadly diseases.

If smoking causes certain health conditions, then it makes a person a high risk and that calls for higher rates. If you can stop smoking you will get rates that are considerably cheaper when you reapply after twelve months.

2. Overweight people attract far higher rates than people with normal weights. There is something known as Body Mass Index (BMI). It is used to determine a prospect’s rates.

A high BMI will always result in a high premium all other things being equal. When your BMI rating is high it simply means that your weight is too much for your height. Now don’t wait until when you can lose 30 pounds since losing 5 pounds can reduce your BMI rating which leads to more affordable rates.

3. Despite the fact that a good number of individuals know that smoking adds to their rates, they may not know that this also applies if they use other tobacco products. Chewing or snuffing tobacco, for instance will cost you in higher rates.

Therefore, you will help yourself get lower rates if you avoid tobacco use in any form.

4. If you drive recklessly then expect to pay higher health insurance rates. Speeding tickets and other traffic offences can effectively add to your health insurance premium. This is because you will become a bigger risk to your health insurance provider.

Hence, good driving doesn’t only save you much in your auto insurance, it also gives you lower rates in health insurance. If you use a sports car or power bike, you will likely pay a huge sum for health insurance. The simple reason remains that you increase the chances that you will make claims soon.

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