New Hope for Aging Muscles and Quality of Life for Seniors

Types of muscle (shown at different magnificat...
Types of muscle (shown at different magnifications) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quality of life is the future of geriatric medicine and one of the keys is the improvement of  muscle health.

People are living longer, but what about how they live?

Often the elderly are plagued with falls, broken hips and other bones as well as the loss of muscle.  Scientists have long focused on this problem because if muscle health can be improved a senior citizen’s entire lifestyle will be vastly more active.

So what’s new here?

Scientists have discovered how muscles age.  They now know why the elderly lose muscle strength.  It’s because of the way muscle cells regenerate themselves.

Whenever you exercise or suffer an injury your muscle stem cells go to work rebuilding themselves.  This only happens  when the need occurs.  For normal times the stem cells remain inactive.

The huge problem for the aging muscle is that a confusing schedule of muscle repair sets in.  Since there are only a certain number of these cells, they start using themselves up and regenerating when they really don’t need to.  You begin to lose your reserve that was supposed to last you your entire lifetime.  You won’t be able to produce more of these cells on your own.

So the key is scheduling.  How can the older muscle cells remain dormant when they’re not needed and how can you wake them up when they are needed?

New drugs and hope are coming.  Here’s more information.


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