How Your Next Carpet Will Help Prevent Falls

Your next carpet may be the key toward keeping you safe from falls.  It’s being called “the Magic Carpet”  and it is based on a brand new revolutionary optical fiber technology presented yesterday at the Photo 12 Conference.

The video demonstrates the way it works.  There are optical fibers stationed throughout the bottom of  the rug and sensors on the edges.  These will pick up such things as a fall or a change in the older person’s gait.  We’re learning that the change in gait can help predict a future fall and this is an important information every senior and caregiver  really needs to have.

My opinion of this new invention is that it is extraordinary.   Falls account for up to 50% of necessary hospital stays for seniors over the age of 65.  We’re all heard that once an elderly person breaks her hip, her life will never be the same.  This is probably one of the greatest dangers seniors face, and with a powerful tool such as the magic carpet, many  will most likely be spared.

This brings up another point about ageing in place.  We talked a little about that yesterday with the post on Earl Jones of Kentucky who killed an intruder who was trying to rob him.  I believe our seniors can stay in their homes longer if we work together as communities to first keep them safe from outside harm, such as crime.  Then we must take the challenge of keeping them safe within their homes and the carpet sensors will give a lot of people peace of mind.

In summary, this technology based on  tomography  works a lot like the scanners we’re already familiar with.  Thanks to   Dr. Patricia Scully and her research team plus many others such as Professor Krikor Ozanyan the vast opportunities of tomography will help keep our elderly healthier longer.

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