Flu Season Alert: Your Cat Can Catch the Flu from You

It’s flu season again.  Every year we received those dire warnings that many  of us could catch the flu.  What we often don’t realize is we can give that same flu to our cats.

Cats can come down with human strains just by being around us.  So when we need special cat cuddling at those moments when we feel our worst, we could be doing our feline friends harm.

This was first brought to national attention when a women and her cats became ill with the flu at the same time.  An alert  vet figured it out and cat owners are being warned to quarantine   themselves from their cats during flu bouts.

There is a lot of misinformation about on The Internet where many people are still saying you can’t give human illnesses such as the flu to your animals.  But researchers are saying  that is simply wrong.  There are several cases in which researchers believe the H1N1 virus was passed to pets. Several of the pets died.

Scientists at Oregon State University are now warning about what they refer to as “reverse zoonosis”, disease spread from humans to animals. 

Some good tips for keeping your pets healthy during flu seasons is to keep your pet a safe distance away  if you are sick with the flu.  You should never give people medications such as children’s aspirin or Advil to your animals because they can not tolerate those medications well.   Take your pet to the vet just as soon as she shows the first symptoms of any illness.

Here is more information about transmitting human illness to your pets.

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