Do You Have Gerascophobia?

Gerascophobia is a phobia many baby boomers have.  What is it?  It is the fear of growing old.

Yes, I’ve got it too.  Sometimes it hits me during those few quiet moments when I’m not working, or caregiving.  Other times it sears me with an anxiety that almost makes me hyperventilate.

Why?  Because I see what old age is doing to my parents.  I see my mother getting more frail everyday and I grieve over my father’s inability to walk.

As I’ve pointed out before, I was visiting an elderly lady in a nursing home a few years ago and she said, ” I didn’t think old age would come so fast.”

One of my friends and I were discussing the patients stricken  with recent meningitis  outbreak at the pain clinic  and we talked about a specific one who died.  She was my age and she  left behind a husband who was suffering from Lou Gehrig disease.  She had been taking care of him for twenty years.

My friend’s comment was if you can bend over and pick something up from the floor without being in pain, thank God for that.  We shouldn’t complain.

I think there is a very good article from the Huffington Post  about aging by Donna Mincieli you might want to look at.  She discusses her pointers about how to deal with gerascophobia.  She’s got some good advice.  Stay as healthy as you can.

There is a lot of truth to that.  Is it really necessary to suffer for years from bad health?  Not necessarily- if you take good care of yourself when you are younger.

Okay, for some of us, we’re already into middle age and  have acquired some health problems.  There is still hope.

We can begin to think healthy and to set healthy goals.  If we have diabetes we can work to  get it under control.  If we are forcing our hearts to pump for far  too many pounds we can start shedding some of those pounds.  We can exercise and we can improve our diets.  These are things we can actually do.

Ms. Mincieli also  talks about creatine.  I’m not recommending that, but I have heard of doctors who are also recommending it.  She gives nine reasons why creatine, which is a protein,  works.

Creatine is good for muscles and energizes them.  That is why many athletes and fitness experts use it as a supplement.

I’m not advocating this because I think you should always check with your doctor first.  However, she does make a strong case.


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