Arsenic in Rice: A New Warning

Is it true there are levels of arsenic in rice?  Should we stop eating rice?

Arsenic comes from the soil which the rice is grown in.   And since the rice is grown underneath water, that increases the levels of arsenic.  But the real culprit is probably arsenic-laced fertilizers.

Brown basmati rice

White rice is supposed to be safer than brown.

Two suggestions on how to decrease your arsenic intake is to cook the rice in lots of water.  6 cups of water for every 1 cup of rice.

Also, you should clean the rice until the water runs clear.

We eat a lot of rice in my family because my parents love the Basmati rice.  But I have been washing it thoroughly for years.  That’s because it tastes better when it is clean.

It seems we are hearing reports about dangerous food almost everyday.  However, I read Consumer’s Report regularly and I have found it to be a very reliable source.


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