Anti-Aging Creams: How Safe Are They?

L’Oreal is being targeted  by the FDA and it’s all about the company’s claims for the Lancome brand’s  anti-aging creams.

The Lancome creams claim to help with the elusive youthfulness we’re all searching for- but at a price.  Surprisingly, the issue is not do these cosmetics actually work.  The problem the FDA sees is that they are partially pharmaceuticals, which means they could be technically drugs.

There has also been increased concern about beauty treatments which contain retinol.

Here’s a bigger question.  Do these creams work?  Perhaps.  Something is happening as your skin cells react to “the treatments”.  But is it for the positive?

Regardless, the FDA is coming down on the tiptoeing that has been going on for some time with claims from some cosmetic companies.

Here’s more information.


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