Zimmer's Overprotected Claims May Lead To Lawsuits

Have you ever wonder why Zimmer kept on repeating its public statements in favor of their medical devices? Will Zimmer NexGen Recall continue being unfounded information? How will consumers go along in filing lawsuits against Zimmer? Stop worrying now, because there have been two case studies with corresponding valid complaints that will surely hit Zimmer. These studies are of two different cases but have the same subject matter – the Zimmer Holdings medical designs. The first one is a study made by Zimmer’s former consultant himself Dr. Richard Berger. He wants to prove that his speculations are true. It was already channeled to Zimmer even before he left the company. However, Zimmer puts too much shields in its company. They blamed the orthopaedic surgeon’s surgical techniques rather than the device. It was a public statement that may also mess up Dr. Berger’s image as a surgeon.

Additionally, Dr. Lawrence Dorr, a hip surgeon also made a study on premature failures of Zimmer Durom Cup hip-replacement device. Similar to Dr. Berger, he also exhibited his study at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in early 2008. After having heard, Zimmer made again its public statement blaming Dr. Dorr’s faulty use of surgical techniques. The way Zimmer reacts repeatedly in its public statement against those surgeons is clear enough of having such an over-secured strategy. It was a clear defense mechanism to throw surgeon’s claim back to him. Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement Recall is NOT an unconfirmed report. It is clear that Zimmer has failed to meet the standards of the industry. If more strong evidence will come forward then you now can file Zimmer Knee lawsuit. Zimmer’s credibility reflects on how Zimmer showed aggressiveness to both hip and knee device controversial issues. Anyone of us can be a victim of this crisis. If your knee-replacement device has failed, you know you need a lawyer for the compensation you deserve.

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